Top countries with the best technology

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The ability to utilize information, communication and high technology make a country more
powerful and wealthy. Progressive countries are able to move forward with the help of the
newest technology while the progress of poor countries is still hindered by poverty. Here are
the top 5 countries that enjoy the best technology:

#5 Germany
Over the centuries, Germany has always been keen on developing the latest and most
powerful technologies. Known for their intelligence with engineering, German
researchers and scientists have been great contributors to the latest studies in
biotechnology and space travel. Additionally, Germans are famous for their success in
automotive technology, which is seen by high-end car brands like Audi, BMW,
Volkswagen, Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz. Recently, Germany has produced Dolphin
submarines, which have been sold to Israel for additional defense.

#4 Israel
Israel is known for its researches related to space science and for innovations for their
defense system like their famous Iron Dome, which prevented the destruction of the
country from the Gaza attacks in 2014. Israel is also one of the first to develop a UAV or
unmanned aerial vehicle with real-time surveillance. They are also one of the few
countries in the world to implement the use of electric cars. To support this project,
Israel has built recharging stations all around the country.

#3 South Korea
South Korea is where world-known technology brands came from such as Samsung, LG,
and Hyundai. These brands are well developed enough to compete with leading brands
like Toyota and Apple. Moreover, South Korea is known for their advancements in the world of robotics and medicine. They have also developed their internet capacity. Their
average internet speed is triple with the internet speed of the US.

#2 United States of America
The progress of space science research and technology has contributed to the USA’s
standing in the world of technology. The country’s capability has advanced non-stop
from the time the atomic bomb was discovered to the arrival of the first man on the
moon, to the technological advancement in the field of space science, medicine,
defense, and communication. Over time, USA has introduced the whole world with the
best technology companies like Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Intel, Apple, Google, and
Facebook. In addition, its military defense has also been one of the focuses of research
and studies. High tech surveillance and defense machines are being studied for stronger
defense power.

#1 Japan
Japan has always been the leading country when it comes to technology. They are
famous for extensive and expensive scientific researches in almost all fields including
electronics, machinery, metals, semiconductors, robotics, earthquake research,
biotechnology, and automobiles. Japanese researchers have also received various high-
profile awards like the Nobel Prize.

Technology can actually be seen anywhere – in homes, in offices, in the streets, in workplaces,
or even in the gym. Different countries collaborate with one another to improve each other’s
advancement in technology and research. They have one common goal – to improve lives.
Because once lives are improved, the progress of a country easily follows.

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