Top Breakthrough Technologies in 2019

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Technology is advancing at breakneck speed. Technology giants such as Apple, Google, and
Microsoft to name a few have drastically changed the way we live. Culture, politics, and society
have been redefined in every way. In the year 2019, there have been amazing technological
breakthroughs that are results of years of hard work, dedication, and brilliance.

1. Advanced Artificial Intelligence: Self-driving Cars and Autonomous Robots
Artificial Intelligence has been making the headlines for years as one of the most controversial
and interesting fields of technological advancement. Questions of ethics and unemployment
come to mind when discussing AI issues. The wonders of autonomous robots and self-driving
cars are some of the things that are rapidly coming to fruition.

Numerous companies have started rolling out self-driving cars for consumer use. These cars are
designed to get their passengers to their destinations as safely as possible. Artificial Intelligence
is the main driving force behind these cars since it involves rigid and on-the-spot
system/environment analysis.

2. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality
Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality is collectively known as “R+”. In recent
years, R+ has been stealing headlines in the gaming community. Gamers worldwide are
fascinated with Virtual Reality as a new mode of gaming. Additionally, the developments in R+
have to lead to various practical uses such as military simulations, sports, mental health, and
more. There is an abundance of possibilities with R+ since these things are technically
simulations. Designers and programmers can simulate nearly anything given that it is
quantifiable and parametric.

3. Advancements in Nuclear Energy to Combat Climate Change
Natural gas sources are one of the factors that contribute to rising carbon emissions. Though
Nuclear Energy does not have widespread support, it is a valid alternative to natural gas
sources. Numerous companies such as TerraPower and TAE Technologies have developed truly
remarkable reactors that are close to becoming commercial. The notion of nuclear power as an
alternative to natural gas sources is met with widespread skepticism due to historical blunders.
However, scientists and engineers are hard at work to develop advanced reactors with safety in
mind. In the future, public sentiment might change since climate change rapidly becoming a
massive problem.

4. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology: Ethereum and Bitcoin
Virtual currencies, another controversial topic, is quickly advancing in the realm of economics,
cybersecurity, and technology. It is hard for many traditionalists to grasp the concept of a
decentralized and virtually abstract currency but in 2019, it has become mainstream.
Businesses everywhere now accept bitcoin and ether. Investors are slowly warming up to the
idea of putting their faith in virtual currencies. Indeed, cryptocurrencies continue to
revolutionize the way people transact and exchange goods by providing a decentralized,
transparent, and secure way to do so.

Humans experience the effects of an ever-changing technological scape on every level. With
every breakthrough, some facet of mankind experiences a change in dynamics. Whatever the
ultimate outcome, technology is meant to improve lives and revolutionize what it means to be

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