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While blockchain and smart contracts are considered (according to the magazines’ headlines, at least) as a future of each and every applied area – from healthcare to parliament elections – their less global utilizations stay under the radar of mass media, which is a deplorable fact. When almost every day we get news about data leaks and theft, the creation of a secured decentralized information storage gets a top priority among other insistent tasks.


But the world actually has a solution for the data privacy problem, which is called (you may have guessed already) dApps.


dApp abbreviature stands for decentralized application – an app, which has no single server and runs on a decentralized network created by two or more users’ computers. The dApps operation principle is the one and the only feature they have in common – amongst them, you’ll find casinos, exchanges, news sources, games, strategies, oracles and many other fully functioning applications of every imaginable type.


It’s really a challenging task to put 10 best dApps in a top, as soon as – which application should be considered as the best one and according to which criteria? The answer is quite logical – let’s look at the statistics! So, here are the top 10 most popular dApps among the users all around the Internet.

  1. Minereum


“The first self-mining smart contract”


In April 2017, 4,268 users have accidentally found mysterious 32,000 MNE on their Ethereum wallets. This was neither a gift nor a mistake – such an unexpected profit marked the launching of Minereum, the first self-mining smart contract.


“Genesis addressers” (owners of the Ethereum wallets, collected around the Internet before the project launched) has soon realized that the MNE currency has one interesting feature – everyone will be able to get all 32k MNE coins only in 47 years! The total amount of “granted” coins, by that, will be about 136,576,000 – and at that point, the world won’t see no more MNEs.


This mechanism was built-in to prevent hyper-inflation and to provide the possibilities for mining, which is, by the way, something never seen before.


Minereum mining principle may be called pioneer. The amount of “available to mine” coins is hidden in a formula, which calculates the finite number on-the-fly. Mining process requires no computing power, electricity or any other supplies. It goes automatically and gives around 1.86 MNE coins to the wallets’ owners every day.


The creators are planning to launch Minereum World App, which will make possible to get MNE coins according to your location and then use them as a fiat money in shops. Moreover, according to the official statements of the representatives, soon everyone will be able to create his own ERC20 token on a base of Minereum operations.

To become a part of the bright future, you can get Minereum coins now in Exchanges.




Every single Ethereum wallet owner has at least once dreamt about the world without gas fee and trading fee. And so ETHERC has created one.


According to the official statements of the ETHERC creators, the main reason the project was made is that, despite the obvious advantages of the decentralized exchange, many users preferred using other methods of transaction, as soon as for the higher data security one had to pay extra money. The solution came up as a fee-free decentralized exchange market.


Just to be clear, users are still obliged to pay gas fees to the Ethereum network. The idea the project offers is to reimburse the transaction expenses with the EET currency. By now, 10 EET are equal to $1, which is a nice price for a recently created currency. Both parties of the transaction – Maker and Taker – get accordingly 3.36 and 33.6 EET as a trading reward/reimbursement.


In no time ETHERC is going to create more applications and services, which will take EET as a payment. At the moment, the project is concentrated on drawing more users into the network – there are numerous airdrops and sales organized, where everyone can get free EET tokens for the participation.


ETHERC has already received hundreds of positive feedbacks from the users – its assistance makes the whole transaction process faster and smoother, allowing people to save money and get all the excellences of the decentralized exchange. The potential for growth of the project is almost unlimited – invest in ETHERC while you can!



  1. Axie Infinity


“To infinity and beyond”


The first, but not the last game in our top is often compared with Pokemon Go!, which is, obviously, a really flattering assessment. In point of fact, the creators admit that they have been inspired by Pokemon and Tamagotchi games, and this combination can briefly describe the whole gaming process of Axie Infinity.


In this decentralized Ethereum-based game you’re able to look after your Axie – a cute fur ball, which sometimes has horns, spikes, tails, wings, fins and many other unique & absolutely random body parts. Those will not only create the adorable appearance of your pet friend but also stand in good stayer on a battlefield against other Axies.


But before becoming a Pokemon an Axie Trainer, you have to raise your friend and make him strong enough to get into the leaderboard. Feed, bath, get him to bed, and soon Axie will pay for your love and care with numerous battle victories!


Award-winning dApp Axie Infinity at the first gaze enchants you with a beautiful, highly elaborated graphics and a smooth animation. What is more important, it is aesthetically flawless, which, luckily, is not it’s single outstanding feature. The game is secure, is based on Ethereum network, has unique Axie pets, combines caring & battling gameplay, and has a potential for getting profit! Get all details on its official site or whitepaper.

  1. Token Store


Token Store is one of the numerous successors of EtherDelta. Basically, it’s an upgraded version of a good old Ethereum token exchange, based on a semi-decentralized principle – the main information is sent through peer-to-peer connection, but, because of the weak spots of the technology, some data is stored on the private services (orders signed with private keys, web application that serves the exchange).


Creators emphasize the fact that even with those “centralized” parts Token Store stays much more reliable than the fully centralized exchanges, and we have no actual reasons to not to trust them – as far as the project exists, it has shown the highest standards of data encryption.


The exchange doesn’t accept any fiat money – it only converts ERC20 tokens into Ethereum coins. On Token Store you’ll be allowed to turn empowr (EMPR), PayX (PAYX), ICE ROCK MINING (ROCK2), MoriaToken (MOR) and dozens of the other currencies into ETC for a good price.


The service is really pleasant to use, yet, some users point out that the fees for the transactions are slightly overstated. Still, without having equivalently good alternatives, Token Store remains as one of the best DEXes so far with a huge amount of altcoins to exchange.


On the official page of the project on, you can get plenty of information considering technical aspects of the project, as well as share your own user’s experience, which, we’re sure, will turn out quite positive.

  1. Quadrant Assets


Every single day appear thousands of new startups, launch hundreds of pioneer projects, getting their start various ICOs and IPOs. Potential investors have to rely blindly on the promises of the “SEOs” and “founders”, and there’s nothing surprising in the great percentage of scamming and fraudulence. That’s the reason why Quadrant Assets slowly gains more and more popularity in the crypto world.


Quadrant Assets provides the communication between creators and investors, which is a highly productive cooperation. Both parties get mutual benefits from joining this platform.


On the one part, Quadrant Assets gives young, unknown projects a chance to be heard and to raise sufficient finances. By using this service, a creator can receive an assistance from experts, like whitepaper writing, website/landing page development, elaboration of marketing strategy, conduction of PR company, and many other essential features of a successful startup. Obviously, carefully checked projects appear in the tops so that the investors will be able to choose the most reliable/perspective ideas to sponsor.


On the other part, this project performs a role of the impartial arbiter, who checks the reliability of each project before publishing, so that the investors will not be afraid for the safety of their finances. Good idea promises good revenue, so the benefits for the curators are obvious.


Quadrant Assets has lots of special propositions both for creators and sponsors, which make service’s utilization even more pleasurable. For example, it is planned to create a social network, investment fund, API, and even AI – for better user experience. All additional details you can check in the service’s whitepaper.

  1. Pirate Conquest


“Who can master Pirate Conquest?”


If you still haven’t realized that dApps aren’t only those boring money exchange/transfer applications, then please meet Pirate Conquest – brand new online game, based on a decentralized data storage. Feel the Assassins Creed vibes already?


The graphics are extremely stylish, while the plot is suspenseful – creators lashed out on the best illustrators and writers for this project. Each character in Pirate Conquest (there are 9 unique pirates in the game in total) has his/her own storyline, unique appearance, features and battle skills. The whole game is turned around those pirates – to complete the Pirate Conquest you have to collect all 9 rascals in your crew so that you’ll become the King of Pirates and gain a possibility to plunder from the market.


The game is only planning to launch – at the moment users are able to join it by ordering one of the available gaming characters for sale. This is not only a unique chance because of the fact that, after the start, you’ll have to fight for these pirates, but also because of a chance to participate in a project of the potentially screaming success.


Probably one of the coolest features of Pirate Conquest is an announced possibility to trade your CryptoKitties tokens and CryptoCountries tokens into the characters & upgrades in the online game. Crossovers, yay!


All in all, Pirate Conquest promises to give us lots of fun, so let’s wait for its official launch together!

  1. CryptoKitties


“The legend. The ultimate fun. The kitties.”


CryptoKitties is one of the most popular dApps on the Internet thanks to its matchless concept. What activity can provide you with more fun than collecting and looking after your own unique and “oh-so-adorable” kitten? The question is rhetorical. (Nothing).


Your kittens are, actually, the crypto collectibles – non-fungible tokens, which can be traded for other currencies, but not exactly exchanged. Each pet is unique and has 256 bit DNA, which explains, why each kitten has its one of a kind features, like the color of fur, the shape of eyes, the character and the whole appearance. The coolest feature of this online game is a capability of making breeds – offsprings of your cat and his/her partner, which can inherit parental features.


The whole scheme of breeding is based on the Ethereum blockchain technology, while users’ private data is stored away from servers. Talking about security, it’s even higher than some exchanges provide: no one except you can trade or replicate your kitten – even the game’s developers.


To start the game, you have to buy your first kitten on market – the prices stars from 0.001 ETC up to 99999 ETC and higher, depending on the cat’s phenotype, genotype, features, appearance. You trade with the other users, which explains such a variation of prices.


CryptoKitties is a true cultural phenomenon. The response it drawn from social media and regularusers has never been caused by something connected so closely with blockchain. You’d lose tons of fun if you won’t join the project now!

  1. Localethereum


“Trust mathematics – not us”.


There’s no better place to turn your fiat money into ETC than Localethereum – a market, which accepts lots of currencies, but trades only Ethereum. There’s nothing extraordinary in the functionality of this app: as previously presented dApps, this service uses decentralized data storage. Its outstanding feature is, probably, the exceptional safety, as soon as the application is based on Ethereum smart contracts and uses peer-to-peer connection for the maximum data encryption.


When using Localethereum, you can be sure about the security of your finances and private data. Your wallet is encrypted with a unique key, which is known only to the wallet’s owner (you). Better check a backup of your wallet seed – without it, you may accidentally lose all the money by forgetting the key.


Localethereum works in every corner of the world, as soon as you’re buying Ethereum from the other users – not the application itself (this is also fair for the acceptable currencies). You choose the most appropriate deal, then contact with a Seller, and after the negotiation of the agreement, a standard trade process performs under the manage of a smart contract technology.


The Seller places the traded amount of ETC tokens into an escrow smart contract, the Buyers receives the confirmation and transits fiat money to the Seller via whatever payment method the parties have agreed about – plain and simple, from one side, yet, complicated from another.

  1. ForkDelta


Games are funny and entertaining, but from this point, only serious projects would be reviewed. Step away from the top, ForkDelta, the most visited decentralized Ethereum token exchange, takes place. It’s the actual offspring of EtherDelta, which uses the very same principles of data storage and is based on the same open source code.


ForkDelta is 100% open source application. The whole story of the creation of the code you can check on a Github (and even participate in app’s development, if desired).


What is remarkable about ForkDelta? First of all, the number of active users and a huge transactions volume. Each month dozens of thousands of users visit the website, while the monthly transaction volume comes to total 40 thousand ETC. Network easily bears this enormous load while simultaneously showing great productivity results.


Secondly, hundreds of ERC20 tokens are available for the exchange onto the Ethereum coins. Here you’ll find Veritaseum (VERI), Populous (PPT), PayPie (PPP), Pillar (PLR), OmiseGo (OMG), Monaco (MCO) and hundreds of other well-known Ethereum-based currencies available for the exchanging. The fact, that you can register your own currency into this list, makes the usage of ForkDelta even more tempting.


And finally, the highly secured decentralized info storage principle coupled with smart contracts technology guarantees that every single exchanged coin will come directly into your wallet (minus a gas fee). The application is not entertaining, but extremely trouble-proof – and how can we ask more from a basic currency exchanger?

  1. IDEX


The leader of our top is the first Ethereum-based decentralized smart contract exchange IDEX.  Three words: reliability, security, safety.


The absolute leader of the transactions volume, each week IDEX goes over 40 thousand ETC. It’s 25% more load than the preceding dApp takes! But, to be on the first place according to the user’s attendance, an app has to have something extraordinary, the thing, that no exchanger has…


But there’s nothing except for the very good working decentralized system and a bunch of small interesting features. This is an exchanger, what else does it have to do?


To secure users’ private information, IDEX encrypts their wallets with private keys, without which neither strangers nor owners can get an access to the money. But if you don’t want to risk with your data simply by losing the sheet with a written key, then application offers you Ledger Nano S and Meta Mask Wallet integrations – fund management instruments, the safer alternatives of the manual key storage.


The very outstanding feature of this exchanger is that the operations which you create carries out this exact dApp so you can cancel trades without paying extra money for that. Exchange only deals with Ethereum/ERC20 tokens pair. The fees are quite competitive: just like in one of the previously mentioned dApps, there is a Maker, who pays 0.1% fee, and there is a Taker, who pays 0.2% fee and a gas fee.


All in all, the reason, why this dApp became so much popular, is a great inheritance of the time proved technology. There’s nothing at least slightly more reliable and robust than this exchanger, so adopt the experience of thousands of the other users and freely utilize IDEX for your everyday needs without being afraid of errors or theft.

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