The Weirdest Tech Products Nowadays

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A historian Melvin Kranzeberg describes technology as neither bad nor good. Rather,
technology is weird with some bizarre trends that pervade the society each day. Looking at the
sampled high-tech emerging gadgets below, you will understand how technology brings in both
greatness and weirdness.

1. Google Trucker Jacket
This is a computerized clothing of a denim jacket with some serious smarts. It sounds like
science fiction, right? Levis commuter X jacquard by Google has collaborated to come up with
this amusing computerized clothing. The piece targets cyclists who struggle reaching their
phones while on their biking activities.

The jacket is impacted by a detachable module that is attached to the sleeve. All the electronic
components are attached in the sleeve. The wearer is able to control music and find directions
by simply tapping on the sleeve. Now that all sounds cool but kind of weird as probably nobody
has wished for such a design to crop up. It’s just that there probably are other designs and ideas
worth prioritizing.

2. Bone Fone
This is a radio speaker that was meant to be worn around the neck like a scarf. It targeted the
joggers as a way of releasing them the bulkiness of the headphones. The smart gadget works by
reverberating sound through the user’s bones, hence stimulating the sense of listening to a
high-end audio system.

Bone Fone follows the technology of JS & A Company. The gadget was introduced into the
market in the year 1979 and by 1981 around 10,000 units had already sold off at a cost of 69.95
US dollars. Now that’s all great news, but many people find this weird because again, who
would think and dream of such a design to be within reach?

3. The Smart Suitcase
Just forget about the self-driving vehicles which have been the talk of the town. Travelling has
never been made easier thanks to FORWARD X, a Beijing Based company, which introduced a
smart suitcase, Ovis. Ovis is a hands-free self-driving carry on suitcase that follows the owner
movements at a speed of 7mph while avoiding collisions with other people and obstacles.

It operates by using a chain of sensors allowing it to stay by the owner’s side and faithfully
follow the owner around. The high tech luggage carrier uses artificial intelligence in order to
comprehend what it sees. It is also equipped with a GPS tracking device to enable owner’s truck
it in case it has been misplaced. So next time you are travelling, you don’t have to forget your
luggage at the airport as you run to catch up with that flight or tire yourself dragging your heavy
suitcase around. Now this is a brilliant thing, but again, it’s weird because not everyone would
probably need one.

4. Pseudoscience
If you thought watching your diet is the way to check on your body weight, then technology is
here to prove you wrong. Ever heard of Pseudoscience? This is a headset that claims to melt fat
by relaying currents to the brain. It does so by sending electrical currents to the hypothalamus
making one feel less hungry and commands the body to lose excess weight.

However, in her “book why diet makes us fat” Sandra Aamodt tends to differ with the operating
system of this gadget. She argues that not enough tests have been made on the functionality of
this Modius Signature health product.


The above products are just a few of the samples of how technology is slowly changing our way
of living, in a good but sometimes weirdly sophisticated way. Just continue shopping around the
exact new technologies that catch your attention and you deem worthwhile.

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