The Most Successful Apps & How They Reaped Success

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We encounter apps every day and every hour because we’re always on our phones searching
for something, checking if there are new notifications, new trends, hot topics, recent news, and
many more. There are literally thousands of downloadable apps on the internet. With that in
mind, have you ever wondered why we regularly use only a few of these apps?

If so, here are the most successful apps we frequently use and how they made it to popularity.

It’s no surprise Facebook is on this list. Facebook was already famous before it launched its
mobile app version. But when Mark Zuckerberg and all of Facebook launched their mobile
version, it sky rocketed them to an even higher level of popularity. This helped to increase the
number of registered accounts on Facebook because it became easier to access, to navigate,
and to use. Just about every person checking their phones as of the moment are scrolling news
feeds, sending a message, or video chatting on Facebook. Thanks to their mobile version,
Facebook’s profit has reached billions of dollars due to its massive increase of users and ads

Today, Instagram has a hundred million users globally. This app revolutionized mobile phone
photography when it first came out to the masses several years ago. It’s arguably second to
Facebook in terms of popularity. The success of Instagram is due to their features of improving
a quality of a dull photo taken from a mobile phone, the ease of sharing enhanced photos in
other social media platforms, and improving the upload speed of photos. Thus, as we all see
today, almost every photo uploaded every minute seems to be professionally shot, thanks to

Similar to Facebook, Youtube was already a gigantic and an in-demand platform long before its
mobile version went live. When its mobile app was launched, it was already destined for
success. Imagine watching videos everywhere you want whether it’s on a couch or bed rather
than sitting upright in front of a computer desk. Thanks to their mobile app, Youtube’s
viewership increased in billions and counting.

Spotify changed the way people listen to music. Back in the days, music lovers bought discs and
music players just to listen to a particular song or album. But in Spotify, thousands of songs and albums are accessible with just the touch of a fingertip. Spotify users do not need to pay for
each song or album they listen to; instead, they only need to pay a monthly subscription to
have access to its massive music library. Moreover, searching for a specific song in Spotify is
quick and easy. Everything is laid out, and all the user has to do is tap their fingertips on their
phone’s screen. However, Spotify’s success was not a walk in the park. Spotify partnered with
music studios to attract big-name artists to put their music on their platform. And they took
advantage of social media giants such as Facebook to market their platform. Today, Spotify now
has 150+ million users including premium subscribers.

It’s safe to say these household name apps won’t be gone anytime soon. They’re considered as
staples in the digital world. And without them, it would seem like our mobile devices are as
good as obsolete.

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