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How to Start a YouTube Channel and Get Paid

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Today, many people are making extra dollars through YouTube. Although you cannot make
thousands, if you have a strong subscriber base, you can make a considerable amount of
money out of your channel. Follow the steps outlined below and you will soon be making
money off your videos.

1. Open a Channel

Using your email address, you can open a YouTube account. Each account is linked to a
channel. It is through this channel that your online presence will be felt. Use keywords to
help viewers find your channel easily. Simply go to the 'Settings' tab and select Advanced.
Ensure that the keywords are relevant to your channel.

A simple username can also help viewers find you easily. Having a long and unique
username can work against you. Viewers are likely to remember and probably recommend
you to others if your name is simple. If you are using an existing account, you can change
your name using Google+.

2. Upload Content

Try to avoid uploading content that is too long or has poor picture quality. Upload regularly
and stick to your selected niche. Once you have a strong subscriber base, you can explore a
new niche. Do not worry if your videos are not so good at first. Practice makes perfect.
Make an effort to ensure that each video is better than the last. You will eventually find the
right content for your audience.

Improve your picture quality by using a good camera. Using a tripod stand helps to maintain
the focus of the video. There is also software that you can use to make your video brighter.
Alternatively, you can have a friend to hold a camera light for you.
Tag your videos with a catchy phrase or with keywords to help draw people towards your
channel. Remember to post regularly to give your viewers something to look forward to
every day, week, or month.

3. Monetize Videos

You make money through viewers watching the advertisements at the beginning or in the
middle of the video. To do this, you have to allow YouTube to place ads in your video. Select
‘Video Manager’ on the top of your channel page and enable monetization.

Alternatively, you can check the ‘Monetize with Ads' box when you are uploading a new
video. To monetize previous videos, click the ‘$' tab next to the video you have uploaded
and select the ‘Monetize with Ads' box.

You will earn money every time the ad is viewed and another amount if the ad is clicked.
However, in order for the money to be deposited into your account, you need to have at
least 1,000 subscribers and have at least 4,000 hours in watching.

4. Set Up Bank Details

Using Google Ad Sense, you can set up your payment information for free. You should be 18
years old or older to open an account. In order for Ad Sense to verify your channel so that
they can send money to you, you should have a valid PayPal email, a bank account, or a
valid mailing address and fill in the personal information form.

5. Attract an Audience

Larger audience means more money. Unfortunately, there is no secret technique that you
can apply to increase your audience. Make your videos as best as you can, and the audience
will come. You need people to watch the advertisements at the beginning of your video so
that you can make money. Share links to your videos on other social media sites like
Facebook and WhatsApp.

Interact with your current audience in the comment section and find out what they would
like to watch. In addition, you can also make personalized videos or refer to a comment
made by a subscriber. Connecting with your audience will draw more people towards it and
will help build loyalty with the current audience.

6. Monitor Your Analytics

Analytics keep track of the videos uploaded and how they are performing. They show how
many times a video has been watched and for how many hours in total. Analytics help you
estimate your earnings and help you see how your videos are resonating with the viewers. If
the values are not what you expect, you can try changing your content.

7. Become a YouTube Partner

YouTube members who have monetized their videos and those who have a lot of viewers
can apply to be YouTube partners. The criterion to be met is that your channel should have
15,000 cumulative hours watched in the last 90 days. Partners get access to support and are
given tips and they can win prizes for the number of viewers that they have. In addition,
partners have access to creation tools that help to improve the quality of their videos.

Making money through YouTube is easy. Sign up today and monetize your videos on your
YouTube channel.

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