How to Live without Money

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In a society where almost everything has a price tag, everyone seems to be in tough competition with everyone else. With everyone being so engrossed in how to accumulate income, the value of life becomes reduced to that of a mere commodity. People seem to equate their happiness to their capacity to spend. This kind of mentality is exactly what makes people forget the true meaning of life and happiness. So, is it really possible to be happy and live without money?

Living life without money is always possible if you undertake the following:

Be in control of your thoughts

  1. Be in control of your thoughts

Your insatiable desires are unquestionably a huge factor that can compel you to spend more. Giving in to your wants and spending more on them may give you a satisfied feeling, but this satisfaction is transient. When new trends are out in the market, you will become disinterested already with your previous acquisitions. As such, you will desire again, and that desire will go endless.

Being in control of your insatiable desires is not impossible, yet it’s not also easy especially if you have been accustomed to easily take something out from your pocket when something interests you. What you need to do is to have a control of your thoughts. You must direct your mental framework towards giving value to what you already have than frustrating yourself on what you don’t have. That way, you’ll be able to see the beauty of life beyond expenditure.

  1. Surround yourself with good people

Life is undoubtedly tough, and it becomes even tougher when we don’t have anyone to depend on. With good people around, we don’t need to worry anymore about everything especially when it comes to financial concerns. Establishing quality relationships with good people around is way more fulfilling than thinking about how to generate cash. Money doesn’t stay, but good people do, and they are more than enough reason to live a happy life. Even if life is so messed up, but with good people around, you will always have a reason to smile and be contented.

  1. Be an inspiration to others

If you are too pre-occupied on how to deal with the so many obligations you need to attend to, you will surely forget others around you. For one thing, we don’t live for ourselves alone. Our reason for being here is certainly not to enrich our own selves. Rather, it is somehow in giving sunshine to other people’s gloomy days. Instead of wasting your time worrying about whether you still have enough money to spend, why not direct that energy into finding opportunities to help others. That way, you did not only save yourself from drowning into pessimistic thoughts, but most importantly, you have helped transform other people’s lives. And that is something that cannot be replaced by any amount of money.

Living a happy and meaningful life doesn’t need to be expensive. Yes, it’s true that money do give us comfort, but such is only fleeting. Real happiness is found in things that cannot be labeled with a price.

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