Easiest jobs to make money online

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In an age when almost all can be done through the internet, earning a living online is one of the
best choices. Over the years, online jobs have become popular. Not only because of high-paying
jobs but mostly because it means working at flexible hours at the comfort of your homes or
even during your travels. Here are the top 5 easiest jobs to make money online:

1. Blogger
Blogging is an online job where you get to enjoy what you do and earn money at the same
time. It can actually be done by anyone – dads, moms, students, teachers, etc. While the
payout it promises is big, it will take an average of about 6 to 18 months before you can
reap the benefits of the blog you started. There are 3 ways to earn with blogging:

  • Services – Services like personal training and consultation may be offered to your
  •  Advertising – Companies may pay you to advertise their products in your blog.
  •  Product Sales – Either you sell your own product or get paid when you are able
    to sell any product, other than your own, through your blog.

2. Web Designer
A web designer is a must to make websites that are functional, interesting, and easy to
understand. More importantly, a web designer makes sure that the requirements of clients
are met. They manage all layouts, including navigation buttons, image placements, text
formats, and many more. Moreover, in this digital age, lots of small companies are eager to
introduce their products online. For this reason, web designers are in demand and are paid

3. Freelance Writer
If you are someone who is adept in good grammar and writing is your hobby, then freelance
writing can help you earn big. Freelance writing is one of the most flexible ways to earn

online. There is no need for you to clock-in for attendance and you can work anytime and
anywhere. One way to make yourself known to high-paying clients is to showcase your
writing skills through creating your own blog. You may also sign up with online platforms
like UpWork to find clients.

4. Social Media Manager
An individual spends an average of 6 to 8 hours per day checking out social media sites like
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more. Social media is also used now as a way to
advertise businesses and companies. This is where the need for a social media manager
comes in. Social media managers help companies to make clients aware of their brands.
They build and nurture relationships with potential clients and promote everything there is
about the company by being active online.

A social media manager job is one of the easiest to do. For starters, you may use social
media platforms that you are already comfortable with. From there, you may progress to
other platforms, whichever is fit to your client’s requirements. A social media manager is
usually paid per hour, depending on the offer of the client.

5. Virtual Assistant
A virtual assistant’s job varies from customer service to email marketing, data entry and
many more. A virtual assistant is paid depending on the years of experience and the skills he
or she offers the client. Companies hire virtual assistants to do tasks that cannot be done by
their in-house staff. Moreover, companies do not need to pay taxes for them. The pay is
also high and is rated per hour.

An online job is earning money in an honest and legal way. Other than the 5 mentioned above,
there are still lots of options that may pique your interest. Feel free to browse and start earning
money online now.

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