Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Starting Online

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More entrepreneurs are going online to start and run their businesses. However, most entrepreneurs underestimate the amount of work needed to start an online business. Without strategizing, your efforts will bear no yield. Here is a list of common mistakes you should avoid when starting online:

  1. Poor market research

While passion for your business is great, it doesn’t make sales. A significant aspect of every business is to understand your market. If you conduct poor market research, then you will fall short of knowledge on your audience.

Market research entails identifying a need in the market, which your business can offer a solution to. You can surf the internet to know what products most buyers are seeking.

When starting online, it is crucial to understand your key demographic, their interests, buying behavior, and what products they can afford. The information you obtain from market research should help you come up with a solid business plan.

  1. Lack of a financial plan

Most young entrepreneurs ignore a financial plan when setting an online business. This is a huge mistake since a financial plan will help avoid scrambling for funds in the last minute. You would have to meet advertisement costs, production costs, or labor cost, if you hire a team to help out.

  1. Focusing on the wrong tasks

As a young entrepreneur, your focus should be on how to get your business off the ground. Therefore, worrying over insignificant things such as the design of your business card or logo should come later. When starting your online business, focus more on manufacturing and operations.

  1. Poor SEO for the website

The success and survival of any online business are substantially dependent on the visibility of your products to potential buyers. SEO– Search Engine Optimization enhances your visibility on search engines.

During engine searches, top ranking results receive more attention and patronage compared to other subsequent pages. You can increase your chances of visibility by proper SEO, which translates to more attention, and eventually more sales.

  1. Taking too long to launch

In any business, timing is essential. Whenever you realize a market gap, take advantage of the business opportunity after conducting market research. While extensive research and evaluation are excellent, do not spend too much time researching, or else, you lose your chance to launch.

The longer it takes to launch, the longer it will take your business to make sales. Business experts concur with this and say this mistake comes about when business owners wait for a perfect opportunity to launch.

As a young entrepreneur, you are likely to encounter analysis paralysis where you spend most time worrying and overthinking about perfection.

  1. Inconsistent branding

Branding is more than topography and color. It depicts the emotions of your business, and it determines the kind of response your customers give. Therefore, branding is an amalgamation of your tone and design choices.

For competent branding, use the data obtained while conducting market research.

  1. Undervaluing your products

The current economy may make it tempting to lower your price to one that your demographic can avoid. However, when doing this, there are several aspects to consider.

The price of the product should cover all production costs such as labor, manufacturing, shipping, and profit. When settling for the lowest price, ensure none of the above factors is affected.

Also, ensure the product you are offering is competent and satisfies a need. That way, people will buy the product irrespective of the price.

  1. Expecting quick sales

Businesses do not make massive profits during the first year which may be demoralizing for some business owners. Setting an online business is no easy feat. It takes time, effort, energy, and planning.

Do not be too hopeful about the immediate returns of the business. Instead, focus on making the business stand out and prepare to work hard.

  1. Dismissing negative feedback

As you start your online business, it may be tempting to ignore critics. While it is great to have confidence in what you are doing, negative criticism can help you grow.

Negative feedback can help you:

  • Tweak your product
  • Understand your customers
  • Develop first-class customer service


Other mistakes you can avoid include ignoring competition and legal obligations. The internet presents opportunities for individuals to run their business. If you have any business idea, launch your website, conduct extensive market research and go for it. Avoid the mistakes above and watch your online business grow!

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